Sri Mulyani
Menteri Keuangan Republik Indonesia
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Bambang Brodjonegoro
Mentri Riset dan Teknologi Periode 2019 - 2021 Republik Indonesia
Y.B Hariantono
Direktur IT dan Operasi PT. Bank Negara Indonesia
Tan Wijaya
Presiden Direktur IBM Indonesia
Andy Budiman
CEO KG Media
Novan Adian
Country Manager Partner Ecosystem, IBM Indonesia
Andrian Purnama
Country Manager Global Business Services, IBM Indonesia
Dian Gemiano
CMO KG Media
Mysister Silvilona
News Anchor Kompas TV
Live Talkshow :
Mysister Silvilona
News Anchor Kompas TV
Live Talkshow :
Peserta Masuk
09.30 - 09.45
09.45 - 09.55
Sambutan Bp. Novan Adian, Country Manager Partner Ecosystem IBM Indonesia
Sambutan Bp. Andy Budiman, KG Media
09.55 - 10.15
Pemaparan oleh Bp. Andrian Purnama, Country Manager Global Business Services IBM Indonesia
10.15 - 10.45
Pemaparan oleh perwakilan Kementrian Keuangan Republik Indonesia
10.45 - 11.00
Diskusi Panel
11.00 - 12.00
Kunjungan stan solusi partner
11.30 - 13.00
Solusi Berdasarkan Industri
Perbankan, Keuangan dan Asuransi
Amplify the New Normal Customer Experience with Digital Banking Solutions
PT. Anabatic Technologies Tbk
Automate Containerized Application Operation in Any Infrastructure
PT. Cyberindo Mega Persada (CBNCloud)
Future-proofing Digital Agility with IBM API Connect
PT. Ifabula Digital Kreasi
A Breakthrough Platform to Solve Terabytes-and-Beyond
PT. Intikom Berlian Mustika
Build Smarter Business with Modernize Infrastructure and Best Practice Zero Trust Security
PT Metrodata Electronics, Tbk
Demystify Your Procurement Process with Procurite
PT. Mitra Mandiri Informatika
Intelligence Infused Business Decision
PT. Multipolar Technology Tbk
Securing Your Digital Transformation Using Artificial Intelligence
PT. Optus Solution
Database Security Solution
PT. Permata Anugerah Abadi
Securing Your Digital Transformation Journey, Starting From the Digital Identity
PT. Q2 Technologies
Optimize Trusted Data and Achieving Regulatory Compliance Data in Financial Service
PT. Simian Technologies
Fraud Prediction Using Auto AI with Cloud Pak for Data
Tech Data Indonesia
Pelayanan Publik, Kesehatan, Perkebunan/Pertanian
Automate Your Enterprise Business with IBM Content Services
PT. Astra Graphia Information Technology
Modernizing IT infrastructure for The Digital Age
PT. Binareka Tata Mandiri
Zero Trust Journey Through Identity Verification
PT. Blue Power Technology
When Security Meets Control Intikom Managed Security Service (MSS)
PT. Intikom Berlian Mustika
Hybrid Storage
PT Metrodata Electronics Tbk
Customer 360: Hyper Personalization for Increase Business Opportunity
PT. Niagaprima Paramitra
Perkom's Disaster Recovery as A Service (Draas) with IBM Power
PT. Perkom Indah Murni
Vaccination Information to Support The Acceleration of National Herd Immunity Against Covid-19
PT. Sinergi Wahana Gemilang
Tackling The Challenges of Data Warehouse and Data Analytics With IBM Power AC922 and SQreamDB
Tech Data Indonesia
Telekomunikasi, Manufaktur, Industri lainnya
PT. Astra Graphia Information Technology
Route to SAP HANA on IBM Power
PT. Binareka Tata Mandiri
Human-Machine Collaboration to Empower Business in Digital Age
PT. Blue Power Technology
Simplify and Modernize Your Journey with SAP Hana on Power
PT. Global Infotech Solution
Drive Business Value with IBM Cloud Object Storage
PT. Multipolar Technology Tbk
Know Your Asset, Know Your Future - Maximo
PT. Niagaprima Paramitra
Predictive Maintenance for Manufacturing 4.0
PT. NTT Indonesia Solutions
The Proven Benefits of Automation
PT. Nusantara Duta Solusindo
IBM Storage for Hybrid Multicloud
PT. Sinergi Wahana Gemilang
KISI (Mobile Warehouse Management System)
PT Talian Infodinamika
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